Hearts of Iron IV:Will it be good?


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maxresdefaultThe Hearts of Iron game franchise is a WWII Grand strategy RTS(Real Time Strategy) game. Hearts of Iron IV has not come out yet and it is nerve racking that it has not come out yet. Based on my experience with the predecessor Hearts of Iron III the game is going to be the same with some improvements. In Hearts of Iron III the politics was not the greatest and the learning curve for new players was kind of high.This game is set in the time of WWII, it starts during the early years of the war to the very end of the war. You could go on past the years but the game will stop after 1949. The game is great and simulates a great world conquer/ domination aspect to it but compared to Europa IV Universallies it sure has aged. So with the new and up coming game Hearts of Iron IV the game should be a great game to have in your steam library. If you would want to see game play and see for your self how far the developers have come go to their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoGGaYP3n6PMGl_NGXkP2hg  or on every Wednesday go on twitch and see them play live usually they play at 14:30 or 8:30 on the eastern standard time. They also have a twitter and their own website. If you have any questions ask them on the forums for more information.  In conclusion I think that this game is going to be the best Grand RTS ever for the year of 2016.

Job Searching

So it has been a while since I have posted a blog. Well I can tell you that I have been on the hunt. Not on the hunt for girls or house hunting but job hunting. Right now I have two jobs and they are great and all but they are not the ones that I want to do for the rest of my life. Not to worry I will post more but right now i am taking a vacation from this blog.

Twitch Streamers in diffrent Countries

Twitch has been on the internet for over four years now. It has tons of streamers some famous some not so famous. What I am Talking about today is watching streamers in different countries. You may not have clicked on that streamer just because he or she does not speak the language. Or you think that he or she is not good by any chance.Boy have you been missing out. Some of the streamers that I like to watch and sometimes play with are from out of my country. Its all about skill and talent on the streamer. To me it does not matter if the streamer does not speak English as long as he or she is good and has a good fan base behind them I will watch. The great wall of language barrier would probably render my ability to communicate to the streamer and the chat. But sometimes you have streamers that do know English or what ever language that you primarily speak. So give it a chance you might just meet someone that likes you back in return.

106. Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup Tag

nice work combining the 7 deadly sins with make up

A Jar of Dreams

I’ve always wanted to do more tags on here, including beauty-related tags, so it was most appropriate for me to yank this one right from Dorkchops.  In addition to having just about the cutest blog name ever,  she runs an extremely informative and fun beauty blog, so make sure to check her out if you haven’t already.

Sorry, I’m still enamored with her username.  Ok, ok.  I’m going to move on now…let’s talk sin & beauty!

Greed, as personified by the incredibly talented and outrageously gorgeous Mykie @ Glam&Gore.

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Logitech G930

Hey just making the first well the technically the second blog post of the day here. I would like to talk about the gaming head set known as the logitech G930 gaming head set. This head set is probably the best bang for your buck getting it on amazon for 69.99. That is with out shipping and tax involved. This head set can come in wired or wireless I would recommend on  getting the wireless for people that do not like the clutter of wires and when you have to get up and go pee you do not rip the wires out of the very expensive gaming PC  and knocking it over while playing fallout 4. I would go with the wireless it is much easier to use (well both are), it has 40 ft of wireless connection plenty of length to go to the bathroom and back. The head set has surround sound but you would have to install software to get it. The head set does work on the Mac but you would loose the surround sound capability. This head set is  second to turtle beaches in sound quality with out the surround sound but with the price on amazon you cannot beat it. I would recommend this for a gift for the christmas holiday.g930-gaming-headset-images

twitter and doing nothing

Ok so it has been a while since I posted a blog I have been busy lately with other things that are related to school and other personal stuff. Anyway I recently made a Twitter account and i have done absolutely nothing to promote the darn thing and I have already have 19 followers. For some reason I am very popular to people. I put some tweets like just made breakfast or out with friends. I have people from across the ocean following me from England to Germany. I am not famous yet or even popular on the internet. MY friend which you should check out on Youtube NDLmongoose has a twitter and he out scores me by 20 followers. 20 followers is it fortune or people will just follow anyone. I hope people had great new years i hope no one got too drunk. It is not fun puking all night and dry heaving. The next post will hopefully be soon. When school starts up again I hope to keep in touch with all of you


Hello everyone it has been some time since i did a post and well this one will be the last one for a while. I am going to be busy doing stuff over the school winter break. So I will not have time to post stuff on a daly basis so this last post is going to be about christmas what are you tradiions and favorite things to do on christmas.comment in the comments.

Is this the end?

The school semester is almost over and the posts that I had to do were part of my class. since the class is almost over I would like to take this last post to say thank you to my follower and readers. In the beginning of the semester I thought that this blog would be a waste of space on the inter web. No one would have even have looked at my blog and no one would follow it. I have done other blogs but of course they have not done any better as this one. Of course I used googles blogger which I think is not as good as world press. So that could have been it. Have not decided to end this blog yet because I have followers and friends that look at my blog. I might forget to do posts though because of the stresses of having to do college work. I will try to post as morefrequently as possible but that might not happen. I have an internship and more classes to take that might take up the whole day. plus I am running out of ideas to post on this blog.The most thing that bugged me when I did this blog was the demographic. I have no idea what it is I do not know what my audience is. I would appreciate that world press would put a demographic setting in there somewhere. Don’t worry I will still be here its just that I will not be posting anything. Well let me re word that. I will be posting stuff but I will not be posting stuff during the spring semester as often as I have been doing. My official last post will probably be something about Christmas or something close to that holiday. Then there will be a black period until January 20. After that date I will be active again.

It has been a fun ride and I hope that I can see you all later.

World of Tanks Girls Und Panzer collection


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World of tanks is a mmo free online tank simulator. It was created by Wargaming .net a Russian game developing company. They made this game in 2009 and it has been gaining popularity ever since in the historical gamer community. It is free to play so you do not have to pay to play it. Christmas is coming along and I came up with a great tank collection that you can get your friends. Its going to cost a whole lot of money but its well worth it. This collection does not exist in the world of tanks market place but if you can sink a whole lot of real money for a whole lot of  in game currency. I came up with the Girls Und Panzer ORI Acadamy tank collection. The Tanks that you will need for this collection is a Panzer IV,  Panzer IV H. Both are used in the anime and are key to the collection because the main protagonist is in that tank. Tiger P is the most expensive of the tanks that are in the show. The Tiger P is close to i million in in game currency It has great frontal armor and it is slow. This tank is used by the auto motive club that join the group in the anime later on in the show.The Hetzer comes into the anime after the first two matches this is when the club has funds from other clubs that donated their money for the club. The Hetzer is an anti tank weapon. It has ok frontal armor but it is maneuverable. This tank is used by the school counsel in the anime. The Stug III, is used by the history club. The stug III is an anti tank weapon as well it has not a lot of frontal armor but has great mobility in world of tanks. The type 38, is used by the school counsole before they got the hetzer the type 38 is a light tank used for scouting in world of tanks the amour is not good but it is a very fast and agile tank. The M3 lee, this tank is used by the freshmen in the anime. This tank I really do not recommend to use in battle because the frontal armor is crap. You have to move the tank in order to aim. The cannon is fixed meaning that it dose not have a moving turret in the game.  There are some tanks that have not been included because World of tanks does not have the tanks or the tanks do not exist in the the game. Each tank will cost you a lot of time and money so the grind to getting all of these tanks is a challenge but when you get the complete collection of the ORI Acadamy tanks you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

 Girls Und Panzer is a Japanese anime about school girls driving tanks. The anime is loosely based on the game World of Tanks. A bunch of students form a club that is called tankery.  There is a English dub but I would recommend the sub than the dub. The anime series is a good series to watch but i would recommend that you watch it then buy it.